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State Law: Know The Legal Issues In South Carolina Before Visiting

There are many attractions in South Carolina that attracts tourists from all over the world. From mountains to beaches, there is everything that a tourist could ever ask for.

But as a tourist there are a few legal issues that you need to be careful of. You definitely need to be careful when carrying some concealed weapons in a few areas. In South Carolina it is legal to carry handguns but the owner should have proper permit that is issued by the state. The shotguns and the rifles can be carried in the hunting seasons but care should be taken that there are not loaded. Also these should not be carried in some of the restricted areas.

There can be some great repercussions if you carry a gun in South Carolina and do not follow the law.

You cannot carry the gun to any sporting event. You also cannot carry any weapons concealed to universities or to schools. So you should be careful that when you visit any college sporting event you do not carry a gun with you. If there is any professional event like rifle shooting then you can definitely carry.

It is also illegal to carry the firearms in state parks. No one without a permit can carry firearms in the state parks. Only the park rangers who are certified and the authorised personnel can carry firearms. It is also important that if anyone carries firearms then they make it a point to let the management know about it.

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You want to definitely visit the state capitol building but it is important that you do not carry your gun along with you. Firearms are prohibited in the public school district or to any special purpose district.

There are different firearm rules in restaurants and bars.