Drug test

Are there legal reasons not to take a drug test?

There could be many legal reasons that one could have to not take a drug test. They could have more private reasons as to a surprise random drug test. This needs to be brought to the notice of the person or his legal practitioner if there could be a possibility of a random drug test. The reasons for one to not accept a test may be either of these or any other –

Reputation – when a drug test fails and they find drugs in your system, it might spoil your reputation personally and at your workplace. Several people do not prefer this at their workplace. If the profession is such that a random drug test could be assessed at any time it must be in the contract.

The image of the person and his social status gets imprinted with negative remarks if such tests are publicized. There are several people who undergo divorce and custody cases of their kids. The drug test could be a potential factor in deciding how a jury will decide these cases. This could turn out really ugly and catastrophic for such cases. If the person involved is looking for another job or profession, this drug test report might remain to be a black mark on his certificate and several employers think twice before accepting such candidates.

Any relationship for that matter might weaken if the person involved is proved to be a drug addict. A habitual drug user might find it difficult to flush out the drugs from his system for a long time and one of the random tests is prone to show the amount of drug in his system. Single time users, however, can use the detox drinks to clear out. They can even find out where I can find the best fake pee for their benefit.